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Business Concierge is designed to greatly improve destination information and delivery. It makes business travel planning easier and much more reliable than transaction-supported online services delivered by promotion-driven applications.

Business Concierge is the brainchild of a group of Santa Barbara business executives whose travel experiences include more than 900 trips to 30 countries in the past 10 years. Business Concierge provides better independent choices, continuous high-quality local facility comparisons, and careful, critical recommendations by executive travelers for executive travelers. Low-cost annual subscriptions to the Business Concierge web application are available to corporate travel managers and their staff, and to individual senior executives.



This new approach to improved executive trip planning is supported by a fully dependable, accurate, AI-driven value analysis of destination facilities. Ratings are calculated by weighted opinions of independent local experts, plus reviews from trustworthy international media sources such as The New York Times. Best choices and best-buy (most value for money spent) facilities and activities are listed in comparative value order.

User-friendly, tabular reports assemble and recommend ONLY the best accommodation choices for business executives. These reports also suggest leisure-time activities appropriate to their special interests. Executive support services include destination business research options, plus comparative location mapping to identify and select special lifestyle requirements. Time-saving citywide summaries of local facilities and activities that fit user-generated profiles are also quickly displayed.



By limiting the choice of destination accommodations and activities to include ONLY the best in value and cost, supported by deep professional research and analysis, business travel planning becomes easier, faster and more accurate. And, most importantly, Business Concierge enables users to avoid worst-case scenarios — for example, arriving at a pre-reserved hotel in the destination and finding it beneath expected standards, thus marring what otherwise could have been a perfect trip.

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